TyöPeda Excursion to Tallinn Provides Inspiration

January 10, 2019

Yesterday, January 9th, members of the TyöPeda RD&I project spent an intensive day together while traveling to Tallinn and back. The day included identifying and developing the broad strokes that will become the core activities of our undertaking. This included discussions on the broad-based competencies we consider most vital and those that are aligned with the goals of this project; discussions about current business contacts and models as well as brainstorming about how to attract and nurture new relationships within Finland and internationally. Concepts of entrepreneurship and learning were also apart of the day’s conversation along with next steps.

During the day, traveling to and back from Tallinn, I could not help but experience a feeling of adventure and mystery as we crossed the cold open water, especially beautiful this time of year having been visited earlier by Jack Frost. The snow crunched under our feet and billows of steam rose with every breath, as we strolled along the alleyways of the old town and discussed with one another. The rich history surrounded us in a type of embrace, welcoming us and encouraging us to dream. As we we all parted ways at the end of this day I could not help but feel a deeper connection to the members of our team and look forward to future days of discovery together.