Nordyrk Research Network Conference Day 1

June 13, 2019


The TyöPeda & Toteemi project members thought to share some pictures and thoughts about some of the activities from the Nordyrk conference (day 1), taking place at Arcada. The main theme of this conference is, Learning and working life competencies in a future perspective – challenges in professional education.

The event kicked-off with a warm greeting from Camilla Wikström-Grotell, followed by a presentation by our Rector Mona Forsskåhl that provided an overview of our home institution and some of the activities that are in the spotlight.

The first keynote by Stephen Billett from Griffith University in Australia pointed out that adaptability and interdependence represent occupational knowledge that will allow future professionals to have the capacity to thrive within their field of expertise. Billett asks, how do we reach the expectations of the job market in making a graduate ‘job ready’ when we do yet know what competences they will need in a world that continues to change rapidly? Different situations create unique challenges that require routine problem solving and non-routine problem solving. Therefore, complex tasks that require discretion, autonomy and problem solving is the norm in an environment where one must change the pace, sequence or main tasks of their work on a daily basis. To remain competitive one must consider qualifications of teachers while offering learning activities designed for them. With this in mind, there are three kinds of knowledge in developing expertise.  Conceptual (know), Procedural (can do), Dispositional (value). How learners engage depends on their values and beliefs and how important they feel it is to know what is being presented. Together these form knowledge in action, meeting both canonical occupational and situational performance requirements. (Billett, oral presentation, Arcada, 12.6.2019)

After the first session, participants broke into groups to attend different workshops and the day concluded with a visit to the Danish embassy. The main take-away for me is found in the rector’s opening statement. Mona pointed-out that gathering together aids in the formation of new knowledge as we continue together to strengthen our respective countries ability to offer education that is relevant in an era of change. I felt this was the case for many of us after our first day together. Looking forward to Day 2!