Student Life

K- fair ”Broaden Your Horizons”

October 31, 2016


There are many ways to find information about a product, but a trade fair will allow you to easily and effectively experience product features and product manufacture. It is only at a trade fair where you can explore the product yourself, ask questions, test and compare its characteristics.

Trade fairs are the quickest and most effective way to keep up-to-date with latest innovations.

We visited K fair in Düsseldorf for three days and were able to learn and gather the most extensive information on different topics concerning plastic and rubber products. The fair provided even more opportunities to establish and develop business contacts.

It was not only business at the K fair. There were a lot of stalls which served refreshments and gave away their product from small bottles to 1.5-meter designer plastic lamps. Ok, maybe it was all business.

The friendly atmosphere at the fair and opportunities for networking made the visit worth it. Qualified professionals who know their products and understand the student perspective, answered all our questions.

K fair was a full of new ideas and inspiration.

Kateryna Angatkina