Student Life

“Future or reality?” Or “Welcome to Dusseldorf”

November 14, 2016

Thursday morning, 7.00, airport. I was waiting for the plane with a total confidence that I have a plan. Or, well, something like a plan. And few hours later we were standing near the entrance to the fair – my confidence was crushed, although there was a little hope that I still do have a plan. But then we went inside…

… And at some point I found myself walking in all possible directions, from one stand to another, totally amazed. When on one side you see a HUUUGE film blowing machine, on another plastic packaging production system, and then you see injection mould machines, and colorants, and casting machines, and robots, and so much more interesting stuff, then you don’t care about your “plan”, you just want to see it all. Some of stands made me wondering “is it real?” Honestly and without exaggeration – some technologies looked as if they are straight out of the future.

Of course, everything can’t be “ideal”. Some people were not that exited to talk with students, some were completely happy. There were people who came only to get free samples of all kinds, sizes and shapes (which, by the way, were produced straightly at the fair), there were businessmen searching for new contacts, suppliers and who knows what else – raw materials, machinery, literally everything you could buy right there. There was no place to sit most of the time and at the end of the day my minds were totally messed up that at some point I could easily find myself going around the same hall and look at everything as I’ve never seen it before. But all these things together created just an unforgettable atmosphere! It’s been almost a month since our K-fair adventure, but my memories are still fresh as it was yesterday.  Hopefully I’ll see you again, K-fair!

by Liuba Nikiforova