Student Life

Cor Cups

February 2, 2016


During the past few days we have been busy in the Arcada plastics lab. We got a big batch of color samples appropriate to mixing with ABS and we have been making Cor Cups. For each color startring with white we have been doing a weak mixture, 2% color by weight, and a strong mixture,  4% color by weight. Batches have been 500g of ABS so we end up with approximately 7-10 cups of each color variety and we have been mixing one batch into the next so that we get several interesting blended “in-between” cups as well between each batch instead of simply wasting material. The purpose of this production run is to produce results that can be tested for food safety in the Arcada chemistry lab. The ABS is graded for food safety but we want to be sure that with the new color additives there is no potential for contamination or leaching into anyones drinks. So we will pour a solution into each test cup and wait for a while, then we will test the solution to see what if anything has leached into it from the plastic. Once we have confirmed their safety we will be introducing new colors for sale! We hope that all of you enjoy the new options as much as we have enjoyed crafting them. Take a minute to go through our rainbow of new Corcups, and comment to let us know your favorites!

Paul Nix