Student Life

Business in the front, party in the back: Once upon a time in K-fair

October 28, 2016


Smart suits and business cards all around. Sports bag, hiking boots and cranky mood. I’ll fit in well. Grey clouds covering the sky once I step onto the surroundings of K-fair set a perfect mood. Long and tiring day. Laying down on stairs feels great. Classy, I know. Our slightly nerdy group of engineers finally gathered together and thus our lovely stay in Düsseldorf had started.

K-fair is the largest trade fair that focusses on plastic and polymer industry and is arranged once in three years. Companies were scattered around 17 huge halls. It may get very tiring walking around after a while. But fear not! Many companies had lovely bars with a huge variety of inebriating refreshments. They knew how to take care of us and we appreciated that.

K-fair offered a lot of interesting sights from gigantic blow moulding machines to robots playing basketball or this weirdly shaped guy who kept staring at people. On a little more serious note, plastics industry is huge and it ranges from medical applications to packaging, thus visiting K-fair gave me a good insight into this industry, its rapid progress and newest innovations. I also got some pens, which is always nice.

Surely we didn’t spend all our time in the fair. We walked around Düsseldorf old town, explored Cologne since our hostel was located there. Mandatory German beer and food. Giggling at traffic lights for the reason that shall not be disclosed.

And here I am, back home, sitting on a window, still trying to construct a coherent blog that would somewhat make sense, but my fever riddled head refuses to cooperate.

Much love and big thanks to all the lovely people who made their way to Düsseldorf.

P.S. don’t make fun of sick people; karma will come and bite your rear end.

// Akvile