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3D Printing

October 16, 2015


It is PET Club here again hello. In our first post we introduced ourselves and our goal. This post will be about other interesting plastics related stuff.

Additive manufacturing builds up the product by synthesizing a three dimensional object. A 3D printer builds objects layer by layer mostly from molten plastic according to a 3D model. It is often used for making prototypes and making small series. It saves material because no material is cut or machined away and no waste is created.

Unfortunately there is not a 3D printer in the plastics lab for the moment so if you would like to see one of those in action we would recommend the following places.

Open for public at Thursdays from noon to 18.00

  • Workshop in the Sello Library

  • Workshop in the Iso Omena library


Antonia Gripenwaldt/ Plastteknik Student