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PAD at Narinkkatori

December 9, 2015

A windy Friday evening the PAD-team gathered outside the Kamppi mall in central Helsinki. It was time for the second market meeting, a cosy PAD event with glogg, ginger breads and Christmas music playing in the background. The idea was to gather the people rushing home from work, the youth that usually gathers outside the mall and families doing some early Christmas shopping and getting them to talk about mental health and stigma. Preferably also answering the questionnaire – in exchange for a ginger bread and glogg.

We got on to a little bit of a late start due to unexpected traffic issues and challenges with the loading of the car. Upon arriving we faced a whole new challenge – the wind! Ever tried setting up a tent in an open place with a strong wind blowing? Fortunately the tent came up with some teamwork, but we had to hold on to it for the rest of the event to prevent it from flying away. That was a sight for the public!

In the end we got a whole lot of responses and had some interesting conversations with the public!