• Photo by Denise Villikka

Knowledge sharing and collaboration as a part of the Toteemi project – Smart learning at Novia University of Applied Sciences

March 12, 2019


On Tuesday, February 9, I had the privileged to travel to Vaasa where I met Maj-Helen Nyback and Iren Vikström who are working within the Health Care & Welfare Department at Novia University of Applied Sciences. The visit was arranged in connection with the Toteemi RD&I project where the sharing of best practices and the planning of future collaboration is encouraged. I was especially impressed with their extensive facility where learners engage in clinical competence development. In the pictures below, one can see that their facility looks much like that of a real-life hospital environment. I was especially intrigued with their medication room where students can practice medication administration.

The facilities at Novia looks much like that of a real-life hospital environment

In addition to the tour of the facility, Iren and Maj-Helen opened their learning platform (Moodle) and showed examples of their pedagogical approach for competence development. The mix of case-based learning, instruction video’s and theory formed clear learning paths where students encounter the client holistically at different stages of the care journey. According to Maj-Helen and Iren, Novias’ investment in creating approximately 75 skill development video’s has resulted in saving time as teachers no longer need to demonstrate each skill during contact days in the simulation center but rather students are able to begin practice immediately, having watched the skill demonstration video in advance. Additionally, when it is time for assessment, students record their own videos, as they demonstrate each skill after which, they upload them for review on the learning platform. By using these digital tools, Novia saves time and resources, as teachers do not need to schedule individual times for face-to-face practical exams.

There were many takeaways that could benefit teaching and learning among nursing students at Arcada. One concrete example is found in the creation of skill video’s and by utilizing video’s for practical skill demonstration/assessment as it would facilitate learning (productivity) and save resources (efficiency) in the long-run. Deep appreciation to Irene and Maj-Helen for sharing their valuable time and their wisdom that they have accrued over decades of steadfast service, despite the many challenges they have faced along the way.


Denise Villikka