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The NURED Final Seminar – WELCOME!

September 30, 2019


Dear readers! We are pleased to, finally, be able to announce that our project final seminar is drawing near!

Held at Arcada UAS (Helsinki Finland) 14.11.2019 from 10.00-16.00 local time, there is an option of attending in person OR globally online. So, wherever you may be reading this, you have the possibility to join us!

We have chosen to call our seminar “The home-care jigsaw: bridgning the pieces together in the Baltic Sea Region“. Remember the NURED-logo? It consists of four different puzzle-pieces as a metaphor for both the four project partners as well as the four topics our curriculas focus on, and this is the jigsaw we are referring to. Together, the NURED Project partners have bridged the gap between our four fantastic countries, and brought the pieces closer together in the Baltic Sea Region.

The seminar day will consist, of course, of highlighting our project results: The two, newly developed curriculas (EQF5 & EQF6 – i.e. närvårdare/assistant nurse and sjukskötare/nurse) for home-care nursing in the Baltic Sea Region. The curriculas consist of four different modules, which we will introduce to you during the day. The topics for these modules are teamwork and professional skills, stress and time-management, e-services and IT-skills and new pedagogical methods relating to intellectual disabilities.

We have managed to secure two enticing key-note speakers: Timo Sinervo (THL/Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare, Head of Research) will talk about “Challenges in Finnish home-care and competence needs”, and Paavo Ala (Meditech Estonia LLC, Member of the board) will highlight “Personal alarm services for independent living in Estonia”. Both of these speeches tie very closely to our goal as well as curricula.

We will also share our knowledge to you via workshops, where you will get a first-hand introduction to our topics. Sadly, we probably cannot offer this possibility to those joining us online, but we are still looking into it. Last but not least, we will wrap up the day with a panel discussion regarding future visions in home-care in the Baltic Sea Region.

Excited already?! We are! So please, whether you will join us in person or online, register HERE (preferrably today, but no later than 30.10.2019).

Team NURED will now meet up in Riga, to discuss the final details of the day. Hope to see you all at the seminar!