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  • Here's (most of) the Estonian team, during a fruitful local meeting about NURED!

  • An e-health seminar was held at Tallinn Health Care College in September 2017, to highlight new innovation within the field. NURED was also represented.

Tere! Meet NURED’s Estonian team from Tallinn Health Care College!

October 23, 2017

Dear readers of the NURED blog,

Tervist! It is now time to introduce you to one of the partner countries of NURED: Estonia! Estonia’s population amounts to roughly 1,3 million, and at the end of year 2015 Estonia had approximately 7,900 employed practising nurses (
Here are some greetings from the Estonian project team leader, Piret Tamme, Head of the Department of Vocational Training at Tallinn Health Care College:

“NURED in Estonia

One partner of NURED project is Tallinn Health Care College in Estonia. The Estonian team consists of six members who represent different fields of health and welfare. Beginning with our local partners who bring expertise to this project:
– Gerli Liivet is the Vice President of Estonian association of nurses;
– Julia Kapponen is a Home Nurse Coordinator from a home nursing company;
– Viiu Tuulik is a Neurologist and Occupational physician.
Then there are three persons from Tallinn Health Care College:
– Piret Tamme, representing care workers; and
– Angela Eensalu-Lind, representing nurses; last but not least
– Maria Goborova, who takes care of the whole project documentation.

These professionals are all united through a common interest towards home care and smart devices in home care.

But this was not enough but me, as the local project team leader was interested in what NURED actually means to the Estonian team members. Therefore, as I asked one common question from everybody: “What does NURED mean to you?”

And here are the three words used by our members most often in describing NURED project and its possibilities: Co-operation, Training and Digi-solutions.”

It looks like the versatile Estonian team have found excellent “buzz-words” for our project!

So, what’s new otherwise?
We have re-sent the survey to home care workers in most countries, and are now up to a nice number of respondents. We are currently working on analysing results, and have begun our pilot courses and modules in home care nursing together with local partners. Our meeting back in August at Arcada in Helsinki, Finland was excellent – it felt good to dive right back into work after a long (and rainy) summer. Now, as autumn is definitely here and winter is drawing nearer (…at least based on the fact that most stores here in Finland have begun selling Christmas items!), we are looking forward to our next meeting in Riga in November, hosted by the Latvian project team from Riga Stradins University.

Nägemist, until our next update!