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“NURED” 101.

March 13, 2017

Welcome to the NURED Project blog on, we are very happy that you found us! Here you will find updates about the project itself, as well as the talent behind it.

But for now, let’s start at the very beginning: our logo. A good project needs a good name, so what does “NURED” stand for? Just letters thrown together, or something more? And what about the rest of the logo – like the puzzle pieces? You are about to find out!

The NURED project, in short, aims to improve home care nurses’ education by improving existing curricula. Nurse… education… NURED! That’s right – we combined the two key words for our project and came up with a brilliant abbreviation.  To further highlight education, we also gave our logo a graduation cap.

But is it only a graduation cap? If you look at it from a different perspective, does it not look a little bit like a house – a home? Home care nursing is an everyday part of many lives; it enables the ill or disabled to remain at home with support from the care system, and it will become an increasingly important part of our society as life expectancy lengthens and the population number grows. Maybe you know someone who is receiving home care, maybe you have or are currently working within home care or maybe you are considering a career within home care nursing in the future. Either way, the home care aspect of this project is important to many: the patients, the relatives and friends, the current and future professionals, the municipalities as well as the schools offering degrees in nursing.

What about the puzzle pieces, then? As this project is an EU-funded Interreg Central Baltic collaboration between four fantastic Baltic countries, Finland, Sweden, Estonia and Latvia, the four puzzle pieces represent all of us coming together as a team to reach a common, important goal. And teamwork, that is one aspect we wish to further improve within home care nursing.

Last but not least: the orange color, of course, also has a background to it. Orange is often associated with energy, creativity, general health and wellbeing, passion and warmth – the perfect color for NURED.

So there you have it: our logo is a combination of nurses and education, of homes and health, of teams and coming together. Please, stay tuned for our next post where we will bring you closer to our project lead partner, Finland!