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Person portrait – Dominik Wächter

January 26, 2016

Vi på MK15 fick i uppgift att göra videointervjuer med utländska studenter på Arcada. Här på Inside Arcada ser du resultaten! I personportätten får du en kort inblick i deras vardag och i behind the scenes-delen får du följa med inspelningarna.

Person Portrait: Dominik Wächter

Perspectives Kevin Macleod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

A person portrait of an young international student from Brugg, in Swizerland, studying material prossessing, at Arcada.

Dominik didn’t know much about Finland before he started his studies. He had never been in Finland before and thought it sounded fascinating being somewhere almost the opposite to his own home country geographically. From the heights of the Swizz Alps and countryside he moved to Helsinki that is a large city next to the ocean.

In our interview at Wanha Mestari (a bar in Sörnäinen) we got to know a little what Dominik thinks about this country and the studies.

At the end of this year Dominik will head back home but since he found a girlfriend here in Finland he will be back soon. We have exclusive behind the scenes material in the second video of this interview.

Lastly we like to thank Dominks friend Pavel Fakhrutdinov and the bar Wanha Mestari for participating in our school project.

Behind the scenes: “Person Portrait: Dominik Wächter”