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Person portrait – Claire Dubosc

December 18, 2014

I denna uppgift intervjuar vi sex olika utländska studerande. I personportätten får Du en kort inblick i deras vardag.
I Behind the scenes-delen får Du följa med inspelningarna.

Person Portrait: Claire Dubosc

December 16, 2014

First year media students are interviewing Claire Dubosc, a first year economics student from France.  See what she has to say about Arcada and studying in Finland.

The plan was to interview Claire in the Cor-house while at the same time have some fun playing pool and what not. Unfortunately it was reserved for other activities, so we had to think of another place to be. We decided to shoot the interview in the school building as Claire lives quite far away from Arcada. To be sure we wouldn’t get interrupted we booked a classroom from 1pm to 7pm, while planning on starting the interview at 4pm. We hadn’t had time to check out the classroom the day before, so we arrived at the school already at noon to make sure we had time to set everything up properly before the interview began. Everything went better than expected, and we we’re done with the preparations at 2pm already, so we had some time off before the interview.

At sundown we still had some time left before the interview, so we sat in the classroom and pondered about life. The classroom we were able to reserve had a window overlooking the Big Square, where someone noticed movement. The lights were shut. There were microphones, cameras and light posts not only in our classroom, but also down there.  There were more and more movement, and that’s when someone realized that they were probably going to rehearse for Lucia. We looked at the time; it was some twenty minutes ‘til 4pm. We had to know for sure if they would be rehearsing, so we went down and asked; yes, sure enough, they were going to start at 4pm.

Of course it would happen, we had been there for four hours in silence, and right when we were about to begin they would start having noise. Fortunately for us, we managed to capture the audio without major disturbances from the rehearsal below, even though we sat through the whole interview with Christmas music in the background.

Because of the Lucia rehearsal they had, of course, shut down the lights in the whole school, which meant more problems for us, since we needed shots from not only the interview itself, but also from the school corridors. We solved this by carrying our own lamp post with us and set them up where we had film. The lamps heat up a lot when on, though, so we had to wait for quite some while for them to cool off before we could move them. Even then, one of the lamps broke, which left us with one lamp working for the shots around the school.

Behind the Scenes

Varken jag eller någon annan i vårt team hade gjort någon intervju tidigare. Därför var åtminstone jag ganska nervös innan vi började med själva filmandet. Det var skönt att vi träffades i god tid innan Claire (som vi intervjuade) var på plats, så vi hann tala ihop oss och för min del, stressa sådär passligt mycket över alla världens scenarion. Jag blev inte lugnare av att inse att det bara fanns ett fönster i mellan oss och hela Arcadas lucia-team.
Men när vi väl började släppte nervositeten. Eller så var jag helt enkelt så upptagen med att försöka se avslappnad ut för Claires skull, att jag glömde att jag själv varit nervös. Dessutom visade sig Claire vara en duktig berättare, när jag satt och nickade och log mitt emot henne var det faktiskt genuint intresse jag visade!


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