Student Life

Quick update

March 19, 2015


Spring finally arrived to CPH 2 weeks ago. We’ve been “hygge” (Danish word for chilling) after school by the bridge that goes to Nørrebro, eating frozen yoghurt and just enjoying the sun. Two weeks ago we finished our project two about Roskilde and now we’re back in school with normal classes.

Last week we booked flight tickets to Amsterdam with a lot of friends from here. We’re gonna go there over King’s Day and just spend some quality time together. We’re all very excited and can’t barely wait.

We don’t have that much school left, the classes ends by the end of April and our exams are in the beginning of June. At least the weather is nice so we can study outside on our schools big roof terrace.

Was fun celebrating St Patrick’s Day with our Irish flatmates on Tuesday. The Irish bar, Dubliner on Amager Torv was crowded with Irish people, there was free food, live music inside and everybody was in good mood. They also had green beer…?

Friday is just around the corner and tomorrow we’ll have Friday bar in the Nørrebro Campus. Will be fun to visit the Campus again. Last time we were there was on the Valentine’s Day week so there was speed dating. Haha, it was actually really fun. We had a blast. Always nice meeting new people.

I’ve been listening to some good vibes on my Soundcloud, check it out if you want to get in a good spring mood.