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Project 2 means no classes for one week

March 4, 2015

This week all of the students in CPH Business Academy are working on their own projects in groups. That means that we don’t have any classes and that we should focus from Monday til’ Friday on our project 2  that is going to include a questionnaire, statistics, methodology part and a lot of tables. This is something new for me as an student. Back home in Arcada we always have to work on our assignments on our own time, here it’s specifically included in our schedule for the entire school. What are we supposed to do then?

Tourists visiting Denmark in 2012 on either holiday or business spent about 87,2 billion DKK in total. Split between Danish and foreigners was 35,7 billion DKK from foreigners, and 51,5 billion from Danes. The huge revenue makes tourism one of the most important industries, creating growth, revenue and employment across the country.

Tourism create jobs and export revenue

Tourism is an important sector for the Danish society. The spending from tourists creates revenue and employment for a range of industries, even outside the industries you  typically would connect with tourism. Holiday- and business travelers spend money on shopping, experiences, transportation and a lot more on top off accommodation and food. VisitDenmark have estimated that the tourism sector provides occupation for about 122.500 full time jobs across the country which makes the sector one of the big industries in Denmark. VisitDenmark would like this figure to grow with min. 20% for the next 2 years.

We have to do a  questionnaire and  market analysis about any sort of tourist attraction, travelling agency, tourist service such as car or bike rental places etc.

We decided with my group to do a project about the Roskilde Festival. Why?

1. There’s a lot of reasons why people come to CPH. During summers, one of the many reasons are Roskilde Festival.
2. It sounds awesome and who doesn’t like festivals?

So far we’ve made our questionnaire and have got some answers about Roskilde from people from school and people we met in town. At the moment we’re making tables and are just basically writing on the project together.

So far I’ve really enjoyed being in school, it’s fun seeing the entire school working on projects in different groups, nobody has classes, there can be several groups in one class room working on their projects. Somehow it motivates you, working on something, and you’re not alone, you’re doin it with other students too. Fun.

The deadline is on Monday so back to the project and talk to you later 😉