Student Life

About CPH Business Academy

February 10, 2015


CPH Business Academy is the largest Business Academy in Denmark with several locations in and around Copenhagen. The Business Academy have a vibrant international study environment with students from more than 50 different countries.

Copenhagen Business Academy was founded in 2009. The political background for forming the academy was a new focus on forming stronger business academies in Denmark.

The AP degrees you can do in CPH Business Academy is:

  • AP degree in Computer Science
  • AP degree in Marketing Management
  • AP degree in Multimedia Design and Communication
  • AP degree in Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management

CPH Business Academy consists of 5 campuses in Denmark, four of them are located in the Copenhagen area; Søerne, Nørrebro, City and Lyngby. The fifth one is located in Hillerød. In total CPH Business Academy has 5,800 partime students and 4,800 fulltime students. In total there’s 1,000 international degree students and 100 exchange students from more than 50 nationalities.

I came to CPH Business Academy to study Marketing Management. The study program is based on applied science, providing a combination of economics and communication and cultural subjects, with emphasis on international marketing. The program also provides a good basis for starting up your own company. The course I have in this semester  are the following:

International Marketing and Sales
International Business Law
App Statistics
Communication, Organization and Management
Investment and Finance
Advertising and Promotion

The courses covers the area within; internationalization, market selection and penetration strategy, growth strategy, market analysis, deceptive economics and trade theory, investment and finance, innovation, managing the supply chain, culture analysis, damages outside contract, Danish ans international rules of buying and selling goods.