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Fitness Testing with students from Tallinn University

March 15, 2013

so eager to learn!

so eager to learn!

The Fitness testing course, in collaboration with the University of Tallin, kicked off last week when the students from Tallin arrived to Helsinki, Arcada, for two productive days. We all gathered together the first day, some more tired than others (the Tallinn students had traveled in the morning and woken up really early!). We had fun name games that helped break the ice and also we got to know nice facts about each other. We were also divided into our study groups at the end of the day and our group (Nandu, Anna, Rasmus, Timo, Bebbe and Antonio) got to write this first blog post 🙂

Frida is measuring Kirke's body fat percentage with skinfold measurement.

Frida is measuring Kirke’s body fat percentage with skinfold measurement.

The second day was long and demanding, but at the same time really informative and full of moments of fun learning together! We had the first lecture in anthropometry (measurements of the human body). We got to do the first demonstrations by calculating the body fat percentage in different ways (skinfold measurement, waist to hip ratio and inbody body composition analysis).We got valuable help and practical instructions throughout the day from our teachers Katri Pullinen and Marko Vaappo. Everyone seemed motivated, and the group bonded even more strongly when actually doing some practical assignments together.

Nandu, Anna and Antonio calculating away!

Nandu, Anna and Antonio calculating away!

Even though the first two days of the course were pretty flat out studying and learning, the Tallinn students also got the chance to enjoy some relaxing shopping in Itäkeskus after the school days as you can see in the picture above (no H&M in Estonia! :P).

The course continues this week with video seminaries, where we communicate to the students in Tallinn via video connection.

Based on the first experiences the general feeling within the students at the course is on the top, and it seems like everyone is genuinely excited to be involved in a collaboration like this!

/Nandu & Anna H.