Citius, Altius, Fortius – or something else?

March 7, 2013


Let’s get started. Shortly about our program (Bachelor of Sports Studies) : We have four competence areas which are Human in Movement (1), Pedagogic and Instruction (2), Training and Health (3) and Management (4). Studies are both theoretical and practical and will last about 3,5 years. During that time the students have the opportunity to specialize in Sports or Health Promotion.

We will blog and give you a creative and comprehensive picture of what kind of themes, projects and research we are working on. Both teachers and students are going to take part in creating the content of our blog.
We are hoping the alumni get involved as well.

Healthy lifestyle may involve different activityes and ways of thinking. The most important thing is to find your way to enjoy and explore life, wheather it comes to studies, work or sports. Just follow your heart.

Get excited! Start by getting to know yourself and finding out what’s your passion and the path you want to walk (or in this case ski). We will talk about differents aspects and YOU have a chance to take part in this discussion by sending questions and giving comments.

The firts two topic will be physical testning and international co-operation, so stay tuned.

/Riitta Vienola
Lecturer, Sports and Health Promotion