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Stockholm Business Trip with Arcada 360

September 25, 2017


Looking to find the importance of networking, communication, stepping out of your comfort zone, and fun interactions with people all while having one of the best times of your life? Well, the Stockholm business trip with Arcada 360 will do exactly that and more for the students who take the chance to participate in the event.

On the 18th of September, the International Business and Företagsekonomi students were all set and ready to go on the business trip to Stockholm for Arcada 360. The trip started off with everyone gathering at a conference room on the ship where we were given information about the schedule for the following three days. The schedule was the perfect balance between working and having fun, but my concern lied in the fact that there were about 160 students on this trip, a majority of which I did not know. However, this worry was quickly washed away because everyone got to know one another through the fun icebreakers which amplified the entire experience, making it more enjoyable and collaborative. Participating in the speed dating and having the dinner together was a great way to get to know people and explore the multicultural atmosphere at Arcada’s business section.

Once we arrived in Stockholm on the following day, everyone gathered into groups and headed off to the city to visit the companies we were assigned to. We visited seven companies in total: Teamtailor, Daresay, Kitchen Time, Ericsson, Lundalogik, TUI, and Biogaia. I was in the group that visited TUI, a travelling company, which was a great opportunity for people interested in marketing, logistics, and tourism to ask questions which they sought answers for. We were lucky enough to talk to the team leader of the customer services at the company, and gained a lot of information about TUI’s marketing strategies, goals, sales, hottest destinations, customer demands and services, team building, contacts, and collaborations with other companies, as well as the history of the company. It was both an inspirational and motivational experience to talk to a leader of the customer service at such a large and worldwide traveling company and only increased my interest in that domain of the business field.

After the long, invigorating, and interesting conversations with the team leader, everyone headed off to the beautiful city of Stockholm to enjoy their leisure time for the day. Though we were expecting rain, we were fortunate enough to enjoy getting to know one another in the sun and absorb  the beauty that the city had to offer. Most of us even got to explore and practice our photography skills, which I am positive will be appreciated while looking back at the memories from the trip.

The time had come to gather on the ship once again, which was followed by a conference with all the students on the trip. This was particularly interesting because we were divided into groups and mixed with people that visited the other companies. The knowledge and the experiences were exchanged between the students, as well as our personal opinions about the companies. Surprisingly, a lot of these companies shared the same strategies and approaches to succeed in their business, which was a privilege to gain insight into. During the process, it was apparent that a lot of people, including myself, had stepped out of their comfort zone and felt more confident in presenting in front of people. This is a major part of character development, particularly in the business industry, which is why I am thankful to have been offered a chance to participate with everyone else on the trip.

Overall, I personally believe that the Stockholm trip was a huge success in regards to motivating people and inspiring them to step out of their comfort zone, introduce themselves to people from other nationalities and cultural backgrounds, and be an active student as well as an open minded individual. In addition, being given a chance to visit worldwide companies and gain insight into the strategies the companies use to follow, is an outstanding privilege as a first year student. Furthermore, it was heartwarming to see so many familiar faces after the trip, which makes the environment at Arcada considerably more enjoyable and welcoming.

/Salome, studying International Business