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Greetings from Sunland

October 17, 2017


It was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to up date our knowledge and again meet with grate colleagues and students at University of Alicante.

This time our dialogues in class focused on Social entrepreneurship, CSR, change and innovation. We discussed companies such as Mifuko, InFarm, and ReturnToSender. We also looked at this from a tourism point of view. The new ideas challenged the student and ourselves to see in new directions. The students were actively participating in the case discussions and our interactive approach was appreciated. It was not our first time in University of Alicante or Sunland as our colleagues there call the place. The Faculty of Economics in Alicante is well organized and we also met some Arcada exchange students who were pleased with their stay there.

This time we also met new colleagues from the US and Germany. And, at the same time we managed the course back home digitally of course.

ERASMUS exchange is a great opportunity to share knowledge and get cross-disciplinary insights. Longterm co-operation leads to exchange experiences.

Looking forward to the next time. Hasta luego!

Christa and Suski,
/Department of Business Management and Analytics