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Exciting company visits in Stockholm!

September 27, 2016


First year Arcada Business and IT students have once again gone for a very interesting trip to Stockholm. Just like previous years the students combined lectures with company visits and lots of nice activities. New for this year was that altogether 171 students and 8 lecturers went for the cruise, and that there were exchange students, degree students and open university students. A new all-time record in numbers! The companies were a mix of traditional companies to newcomers, all with interesting and innovative ways of doing business. Interesting were also the student feedback, it seems that the popular companies were struggling to keep up with the students expectations when the “normal” companies gave a lot of enthusiasm to the students.

As always the students were mixing and getting to know each other and the teachers during and after the conference program. I really do think Arcada feels a quite a bit more familiar to our new students at the Department of Business Management and Analytics. Way to go!!!