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Bowling is not really a sport

November 13, 2013


Every now and then the staff at Arcada arranges something called the bowling cup. The main idea is of course not to win, but to have a good time with your colleagues. Now, unfortunately, there is always someone who gets the annoying ‘highest score’, even if that is not what most of the participants strive for. For some reason, the winners also expect some kind of reward for this (as if the good relaxing time with the colleagues was not enough).

This time, for the men’s group, the cup went to Mikael Wacklin with a great score of 185. In second place was Mirko Ahonen (170) and third was Patrik Clément (158). The winning score was one of the highest in Arcada history (much much much higher than last year’s winner). For the ladies’ group, the cup went to Maya Lintu with 118 who attended for the first time. So, congratulation, we wish the winners good luck in carving their names onto the cup. Thank you to all those enthusiastic participants!