Student Life

Writing the book

April 21, 2015


When someone asks me what’s my task in the expedition and my answer is that I’m writing the book, peoples eyes grow huge. ”Wow, that’s a big responsibility!” And yes, I agree. It’s not like writing essays in high school. It’s a process of putting all experiences and information about the expedition I get from interviews and social media into one book, at the same time as I’m doing my practical training as a social services student.

Time is going fast. The writing and information searching process started in February and yes, in the beginning I was both scared and nervous about my mission as a bookwriter. I asked myself ”who I’m I to write a book about an expedition in France? What was I thinking when I said yes to this crazy task?”

At the same time I was more inspired than I’ve ever been before and I know exactly what I was thinking when I accepted the challenge to write the book. I wanted to be a part of a team of excited, hard working students, all reaching for the same goal. I wanted to challenge myself and make this spring a time to remember. You just don’t say no to a once-in-a-lifetime-experince.

I’m so glad I got the trust and the possibility to do what I’m doing right now, as a member of a great expedition team, going to France in two weeks. When the book is written, I’m not only gonna be happy to read about and remember our fantastic, hard working team or our challenges and experiences in France, I’m also gonna remember the fantastic and educational writing process when I both cried of frustration and laughed of happiness. The book in my hand will be the evidence of that I said yes to a chance that I most likely will never get again.

Ica Holmberg, studying social services, writing the book