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Pride in learning

May 25, 2015


During these past five months of working with Expedition Arcada, I’ve been well acquainted with the question ”What made you want to join Expedition Arcada?”. And it’s turned out to be a very important question. Namely, it works as a basis for setting goals for oneself. It’s also a difficult question, and for me personally it necessitated a whole lot of self-reflection throughout the entire project. I had to ask myself what competencies do I wish to develop, and more importantly, why?

My main tasks as communication coordinator were to contact the officials in La Grave in order to organise a camping site, as well as plan both an external and internal communication plan together with my colleague Emma Henriksson. However, having been part of this substantial project, I may conclude that the range of skills you learn is likely to reach much further than solely the position you are assigned. A way to look at it is that the expedition members form a social pool, where ripples of knowledge are spread across the pool through activity and interaction. I personally believe that in addition to a set of immediate new skills you have become aware of, an exponential amount of knowledge and experience has set in and will be exposed gradually as time passes.

But to get to this stage has required hard work. There where definitely times of uncertainty and doubt when faced with new challenges. I think I speak for everyone when I say that you literally had to climb a mountain, in order to get to the other side. And in the end each of us did, and that’s one of the biggest lessons you can learn. Believe in yourself and believe in what you do, and you can overcome any obstacle.

A final thought from this week. Two days ago all of us got together for a post-expedition meeting. Each of us stood up before the group and talked about the things we had gained from the learning experience. An inspiring set of skills and life-lessons where mentioned. Moreover, I personally sensed something great in the room that glued all of us together. A sense of pride. We all take pride in the work we’ve done with Expedition Arcada. I believe there is no greater motivator.


Sebastian Hornborg
Communications Coordinator
Expedition Arcada 2015