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Go team-spirit!

May 13, 2015


It’s been a pleasure to see from a social perspective that the expedition is functioning very well so far here in our camp in La Grave. Vilma and I both study Social & Health Services and are responsible for Expedition Arcada’s team-building. We have put much thought into our pre-expedition activities and excercises, and are now eagerly following how things are shaping up during the expedition. The question is, what are the number of conflicts that might occur and what will the overall team-spirit be like?

Vilma and I have chosen to approach the team-spirit agenda from a larger perspective. We feel that our group consisting of 55 expedition members does not only form a team, but its own unique culture. What it means is that everyone doesn’t necessarily know everything about each other, but do feel comfortable enough to open up to each other.

In order to keep up moral and boost motivation during the expedition, we have presented a little task each day for all the expedition members. So far the themes have been ”The fighter of the day”, “The day’s good deed” and “No cursing”. These assignments are announced every morning, and at the end of the day everyone can suggest who’s been the fighter that day, or who’s done a good deed etc. These may be small exercises, but can be very efficient. As the individuals are given positive notice and the others cheer them on, the overall spirit is significantly increased. So to our delight this has turned out to be an even greater exercise than we expected.


Vilma & Henrik