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Five minutes with the kitchen team!

June 3, 2015


Of all the pictures that have gotten published from Expedition Arcada at least 75 percent (rough estimate) have of course been of our heroic climbers. That was unavoidable. But never forget all the teams that remained on the ground that made the climb possible, covering functions from safety and first aid to marketing, communications, web and media production.

Here and now let’s focus on the one team that made sure to bring a smile to everyone’s lips (at least) three times daily – Ryggraden (the kitchen team). Gustav, Bettina, Mandi and Merita were oh so busy feeding our 55 mouths that now they deserved a break. So we decided to make their make their blogging easier by providing three quick questions:

How does it feel to have been the most popular team on the base camp?

It feels great, but we are just few people of the greatest team ever! We have really appreciated the overwhelmingly positive feedback for our efforts.

What was the most challenging things during the expedition?

On one hand it was the time before France, since we had so much to do. On the other hand it was cooking for 55 people three times a day for ten days. It was a combination of logistics, storing food and limited knowledge on how to build a kitchen in a remote area.

However, since we spent a lot of time and effort into planning and researching before actually arriving in France, these were never major concerns.

What was the biggest surprise for your team?

That no one complained about the food! J Everything went really well and people were so happy that we could offer great food. Many people said that they ate better than at home, so that was probably one of the biggest surprises.

We were also surprised by our lovely expedition team members. They were always ready to give a hand and help out in making the food or cleaning pots and pans. That really made our task less daunting and lessened our workload. For that we are grateful!