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A heartfelt thank you to our sponsors!

May 19, 2015


Expedition Arcada is back again on Finnish soil and we have brought home practical know-how and memories to last us a lifetime. Expedition leader Patrick “Pata” Degerman and his team, Aron Anderson and the 45 students from Arcada who participated gave everything to make this adventure a success and the pride we all felt when the expedition reached the top of la Via Ferrata d’Arsin in the French Alps is hard to put down in words.

But we are the first to admit that we didn’t do this alone! Along the way we have had the help of co-operation partners and sponsors who believed in us and supported us when we set out to prove that nothing is impossible. It is thanks to you that we got to experience this fantastic adventure!

A big round of applause for Paulig Santa Maria who made sure to keep our bellies full and our spirits high. Thank you for the food and spices that made everything taste spectacular.

Fazer with Real and Alku puuro made sure that our breakfasts were filled with equal parts smiles and energy. K-market (Pirkka) provided many tasty meals and gave us healthy snacks in form of dried fruits and nuts. And we sure won’t forget Suomen Kanasäilyke who offered us their tasty canned chicken as a source of protein and muscle energy. To help us stay energized, especially on the mountain wall, TEHO Sport supported us with delicious energy/protein bars and sports drinks.

To make sure we felt safe and secure, Folksam helped with our insurance as well as first aid equipment. Doctagon and 3M provided us with a much appreciated medicine supply and health care products, and made sure that everyone stayed healthy and fit for fight.

On an expedition with 55 participants hygiene is extremely important, and we are extremely grateful for the antiseptic handrub provided by Medisoft. The impressive unbreakable sunglasses from Glorify and Buff‘s multifunctional headwear were not only useful tools, but also reminded us that there is no excuse for not looking good while aiming for the top.

Trioplast allowed us to keep our surroundings clean and to discard waste easily thanks to their strong plastic bags. Lyreco provided us with bulletin boards, duct tape to fix everything, as well as ear plugs to help us sleep well.

Prezi for being our awesome presentation partner during the expedition and coaching our marketing team.

And finally, thank you so much to Forum for all your support, and Pekkaniska for letting us stand on your shoulders.

So, what happens now? Rest assured that the expedition is far from over. For example – a book about the expedition will be written, film material will continue to find its way online (short clips, as well as two longer documentaries) and many thesis projects will be based on our experiences. But maybe most importantly, now the time has come to reflect on and document all that we have learned during these intense but wonderful months. Arcada is all about combining theoretical knowledge and practical skills and competences to achieve the most efficient learning environment possible. This expedition not only lived up to those standards, but pushed the limits further than anyone of us had dared hope.

Once again, a thousand times thank you for making our adventure possible!

/The marketing team