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Strategy Workshop – Paul D. Savage

April 23, 2019

Paul D. Savage was our guest speaker for strategy workshop that took place here in Arcada building in our very own eye tracking room. Although young in age, Paul had been in many countries, done great many things and experienced a lot in his life. This also came out in his presentation as Paul was sharing his insights to things like entrepreneurial mindset, self-motivation, 5 levels of recognition, personal plan and 3 ways of speaking to name a few.

When walking to a presentation you never really know what to expect but it was nice to notice that as a public speaker and a consultant Paul did not have the traditional 100 slideshow approach to a presentation but included his audience into the whole thing and accomplished his goal through dialogue rather than monologue. His approach made the workshop light, interesting and inspirational.

As an International Business student I ended up walking out with a sack of good things to implement and another sack to think about, which in my point of view is what entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship is about – to try to make current state of things better through a vision of the future.

Or as Paul D. Savage said it:

“It will be either some idiot or some amazing person who is going to make the difference in business.”