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Creating work life skills in an entrepreneurial environment

March 26, 2019


We are 13 forward-thinking students with seven different nationalities with a task. We have taken a challenge and will develop, during the spring of 2019 a new learning concept for intra- and entrepreneurial learning at Arcada. The course “Creating work life skills in an entrepreneurial environment” is a part of the Arcada Coaching Clinic project, where Arcada staff is coaching us throughout our journey, although we are the ones leading the way.​ We will do company visits during the course and in April, we will make a conceptualization journey to Denmark. Follow our journey here, do comment and let us know your thoughts.


We have chosen to work with the following skills that enhances work life skills such as e.g. Communication, Creativity, Digital Skills and Personal Leadership. We also have the “joker skill” is still a clue in the beginning of the journey. We might want one more skill. We will have a result later this spring. Stay tuned.

Anastasia, Denise, Emilia, Kati, Nicole, Max, Myles, Linnea, Ritva, Tina, Valentas, Visa-Tarkko, Winnie