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“Creating work-life skills in an entrepreneurial environment” – course experience

April 3, 2019


New experiences, lifelong learning and continuous development are the things that I cannot imagine my life without. I am constantly looking for opportunities to become a better version of myself, acquire new and develop existing soft skills. I could talk forever about the importance of employability/ soft/ transferable/ global/ 21st century/etc. skills, but what I know is that without them – I couldn’t achieve many things…

Thus, when a new course/project called “Creating work-life skills in an entrepreneurial environment”  was introduced at Arcada (such an exciting course name, right?!…), I was very inspired to give it a try and immediately applied to be a part of it. And in this blog-post, I would like to share with you my experience ✨

The course has started recently. And from the first day, you could feel that this is a very unique course. It is not a regular teaching course, but more like a learning journey, where you have an opportunity to

-> develop yourself personally and professionally,

-> while working in collaboration with others and creating a learning concept that contributes to the development of work-life skills of every student at Arcada (such a great mission!)

What I love about it, is that I have a chance to work with students and teachers (coaches) from every department at Arcada, which allows you to see things from different angles (not only from a business point of view). We always share our ideas and opinions to develop things together. It is amazing to work in such an environment!

Since it is only the beginning of our journey, many exciting things are waiting ahead 😍

For now, the main task is just to gain as many information and inspiration as possible, but I have already learnt a lot of new things and concepts. from different sources, company visits, learning environments, etc. These all is important as it prepares us for one of the course highlights – conceptualization trip to Denmark, where we are going to visit other universities and LEGO office (Woow!), while developing our concept using a SPRINT method: How to solve big problems and test new ideas in just five days by Jake Knapp.

As part of the course, as it was already mentioned in one of the previous blog posts, we have identified the main skills and grouped them into clusters: communication, personal leadership, creativity and digital skills. I have chosen to work and investigate more in-depth personal leadership, as I believe that it will be very beneficial for me to discover myself, become more self-aware, resilient, open-minded, etc.

Stay tuned to see where this journey will bring us at the end! (And I really advise you to join this amazing course when it is offered next time)