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The 3DPlast project’s closing seminar raised interest at Alihankinta Fairs

October 11, 2017

’’Recycled Plastics in 3D-printing – laboratory for developments’’ research project was closed with a seminar 27.9.17 at Tampere during the Alihankinta 2017 Subcontracting Fairs. Although the seminar was organized during a busy fair event, all the seats in the seminar room were occupied by the professionals in engineering, among them the top researchers in the field of polymer technology.

’’Recycled materials in 3D printing’’ as a project has been a part of developing and evaluating the practical methods for the emerging circular economy. 3D printing and material recycling combined have the opportunity to create new business and strengthen the existing businesses competitiveness.

The project has joined the forces from Arcada UAS, Turku UAS and Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) as well as from the actively participating companies; Fortum Waste Solutions, 3DTech, Prenta, Oili Jalonen and LapMek.

In the closing seminar, Research Engineer Maiju Holm presented some results of materials and polymer processing research conducted at Arcada’s production lab during the years 2016-2017. Several students at Arcada have participated in the practical laboratory research via their project/thesis reports, among them also 3 exchange students from Estonia and Spain. The final report by the project group is to be published during October 2017 as e-report in the web with free and open access.

For the closing remarks it was stated in the seminar, that this brief, pioneering project has only scratched surface of the interesting applied research topic. On the way towards circular economy more research input and project cases in this field are needed.

’’Recycled Plastics in 3D-printing – laboratory for developments’’ research project has received public funding (European Regional Development Funding) coordinated nationally by TEKES/INKA (Innovatiiviset Kaupungit) programme.


For the Department of Energy and Materials Technology

Mirja Andersson

Principal Lecturer (energy and materials technology)

/ Responsible Director (3DPlast project)


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