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SeaFocus Intelligence Hunt 2

December 20, 2017


On November 14 2017, a small group of students from the BEng (Materials Processing Technology) attended the Intelligence Hunt event on board the M/S Silja Serenade at Olympia Terminal in Helsinki.  This was the second event of its kind, held by SeaFocus.

Students who choose to participate in the Intelligence Hunt are separated into teams and each team is given a case study  – a problem to solve.  The teams then present their solution during the Intelligence Hunt event.  All presentations are judged on the day and the winner announced at the end.

At the event, 13 cases were presented with the theme being improving sustainability in the maritime industry however, the cases varied widely from improving energy efficiency to improving emergency response in the Arctic region.

The event was particularly exciting for us as there were several of our fellow students participating in the event as finalists.

We found the presentations both interesting and inspiring. As a student, it’s always good to have opportunities to see the theory applied to real-world problems as it gives us a clearer picture of where our professional future may be.  Studying materials science, maritime sustainability may not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of our future careers, but this event gave us a glimpse of the potential opportunities in the area and perhaps inspired some of us to participate in #IntelligenceHunt3!

Blog written by the partipants of ”Sustainable Maritime Industry Winter School Project” in Materials Processing Technology