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Pure water – Success with plastics technology R&D!

March 22, 2013


We did it! And just in time for UN Water Day. Fundamental research with advanced polymer films in ARCADA has led to the development of a new method in membrane production. Ultrafiltration (UF) membranes are central to filtration systems used extensively in water-based industrial processes and in desalination pre-treatment. Current UF membrane manufacture is difficult to control, yielding products that give low separation efficiencies and high running costs for the user. ARCADA’s R&D in track etch membrane production technology has made a revolutionary breakthrough. We have created a new low cost fabrication process that can lead to the generation of new, affordable UF membranes that are superior in filtration selectivity and efficiency, and can be tailored to exact industrial separation processes.

For more information:

Press release (in Swedish)

TV interview (in Swedish) – interesting bit starts at 18 min.

or contact Researcher Stewart Makkonen-Craig (050-410 4195) or Head of Department Mikael Paronen (041-4432 109), both located in Arcada D3.