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Learning about advanced coating technology at Teknos

May 25, 2018

Our materials processing technology students visited Teknos in Helsinki today to learn about their innovative industrial coating technologies. Their specialist Tuomas Aspiala introduced us to many applications including corrosion protection of metals, water sealants for roofs and antimicrobial paints for hospitals.

We then suited up in their testing facility, and got first hand experience spraying polyurea. It is a waterproof polymer coating that cures in seconds, and due to its toughness and elasticity, it’s one of the most resistive coatings on the planet. Most typically applied to roofs and contained surfaces, our students agreed that there could be many valuable applications when combined with the knowledge they have of polymeric materials. Juan, Hoa, Sebastian and Anastasiia spray painted polyurea onto PTFE, so they could peal off the coating for inspection and testing back in Arcada.