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Ellen MacArthur Foundation: ”Finland, the front runner on higher education within Circular Economy.”

September 19, 2018

Around 40 representatives from 19 UAS (Finland) gathered up for a development project ”Circular Economy-UAS ” kick-off meeting at Arcada 23.8.18.

Earlier this year Ellen MacArthur Foundation started their own study, and has now published the first results as a ”global snap-shot” on higher education within Circular Economy. The participants of ”Circular Economy-UAS” project were involved with this study too.

EMAF’s Research Analyst states the following: ”From a geographical perspective, Finland and the Netherlands are the front runners in this space, with 38% of all higher education institutions identified here…”

One very demanding goal for the ”Circular Economy – UAS” project is to maintain that front runner position in Finland!

Read more about EMAF’s study from


Mirja Andersson

Principal Lecturer/Energy and Materials Technology


The project ”Circular Economy – UAS / Kiertotalousosaamista Ammattikorkeakouluihin”

is ongoing during 2018-2020, and it is financed by The Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland.