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Biowaste treatment and landfill site excursion

May 9, 2019

The sun was shining again over Espoo when we went on an interesting (and occaisionally smelly!) tour around HSY’s modern, circular economy-themed waste treatement centre at Ämmässuo. There our engineering students learned about the treatment of biowaste. Two of our thesis students collected biowaste-compost samples for their research projects on the macro- and microplastics in biowaste and how they pass through to the final compost product.

We also explored the former mixed waste landfill site that is now completely covered and its released gases are collected for energy production. And we saw where various industrial wastes, ash and slug from the waste-to-energy plant, and Sortti station wastes are landfilled.

Many thanks again to Suvi Runsten for guiding us around Ämmässuo.