Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing lab

October 19, 2016


Hello Arcada students!

As in the previous years, a new Additive Manufacturing course is going to start at the end of this fall, which means that a lot of students will have the chance to experience the fun of the 3D Printing technology for their first time!
3D Printing allows you to print shapes of objects you scanned with a 3D scanning device (we have one in room D399) or even with your mobile phone. Furthermore, this technology allows you to print prototypes of objects you designed by yourself, for example using a 3D modelling software, in order to inspect its geometrical properties or the overall appeal.

If you need help using the 3D scanner and 3D printers for your projects, or if you are just curious about 3D printing in general, drop in the 3D Printing lab and ask our 3D Printing technicians Oliver Folger and Sergio Sammartano! Their contact info and timetables can be found on the lab’s door and in the picture above!

Welcome to the 3D Printing world!