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3D Printing News

December 16, 2016


Hello materials enthusiasts!

The midterm is coming to an end and we wanted to share some images and comments on the projects carried out during the Additive Manufacturing course. The 3D Printing Lab has been a bit busy lately! The students enrolled had the chance to explore some of the possibilities offered by the object scanning technology, thanks to our Makerbot Digitizer you can find – and use! – in the room D399. With bigger scanning devices, or with the right app installed on your mobile phone, you can even catch the shape of a person and make it ready to print!

The real core of the course has been however the development of group projects that allowed students to test and train their own design skills and have a gist of the various stages of a real mass production, such as the calculation and management of the costs, the mechanical testing of the products and the optimization of their aesthetic appearance. The students had the possibility to bring to life their ideas, printing prototypes of their products in the 3D Printing Lab using our Makerbot Replicator 5th Generation machines. You can see some of their creations in the carousel above!

If you want to experience the excitement of designing and feel the ready made product in your hands – this course is definitely for you!

Oh, and of course, we wish to all you a merry Christmas and a happy new year!