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“More soft furniture to seat comfortably!”

February 27, 2015


Thanks to all of you who participated in the library’s customer survey 9-20th of February! Your comments are very valuable for us when improving our services and the library space. The most important themes that you commented on in the survey were:

  • the ergonomics in the library (furniture)
  • technical matters (computers, ventilation, sockets…)
  • the library’s book collections and loan periods

We’re now working on how to realize some of your requests. Improvements concerning the air quality in the library, the computers, as well as the printing and copy costs will be directed further to those in charge of these matters. At this point we are however happy to announce that you’ll soon find new coat racks in the library and extension sockets in the library’s silent reading room for recharging your laptop or phone batteries.

Some of you asked for more books in English, especially novels. While the library’s primary task is to provide literature and information for students and staff at Arcada, our book collection mostly covers course literature. However, through our e-book platform Elib, it’s possible to find novels in Swedish as well as in English! You’ll find Elib at

We also had suggestions on a mobile app for checking the library catalogue Arken. If you haven’t used the mobile version of Arken before, now’s the time to start using this service! You’ll find mobile Arken at

Stay tuned for further updates on more improvements on our library space and our services!