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Information search on my schedule – why should I go?

March 7, 2017


You might think it’s boring or that it is something you already know, but those who take the class are surprised of how useful it is and how much there is to learn, and tend to recommend the class for their study mates.

We share some student comments with you and tell you about the classes.

When you do a Google search you end up with thousands of results/hits … During the class however we show you top resources in your study field and provide tips and hints on how to improve your search strategy. It is a valuable skill to be able to narrow down your search to get the results you want. And to know how to continue when you don’t get any relevant results at all in your first/initial search.

Arcada spends big money every year on licenses and subscriptions to electronic resources.  The library has selected the resources in co-operation with the teachers and researchers at Arcada. These resources are high quality ones and are not found through Google. We present these to you and show you how to find relevant and reliable resources in your study field.

Some students comments on the library’s training sessions: 

  • I did not even know that Arcada provides such an access to a mind treasure!
  • I will from now on switch to the use of libguide website for search of information on books and journals . No more google search.
  • It was good and important for academic studies
  • This assignment was pretty interesting as it provides alot of techniques to pull out the exact information, books we need easily. Acadaimc reference in writing assignments or thesis are something invevitable and this really helps alot with that. I’m also glad that our school has provided so many valueable of sources and references for students.
  • The task was quite time-consuming and not so easy as you would think. I learned that there are very many different sources,where I can look up information, translate, download books. I have learned how to mkae my serch more detailed and specific. Im sure, that in the future I will definitely use this knowlegde and skills in my future studies, espacially while writing my Thesis.Thank you!
  • Well , I think the quiz was so useful . I didn’t know the library has a widespread service and access to many resources like journals and rare books and articles . The classification of search results and limiting process was so intersting and time saving . Thank you for the information .
  • All good, nothing to add. Useful and very practical.

Welcome to the library’s training sessions!

Can’t find it on my schedule! Don’t worry: You can also make a reservation for individual consulting in information retrieval, a session that will last about an hour.