Student Life

Summer greetings!

June 2, 2014


The board of ASK wishes you all a nice and hopefully sunny summer holiday and we all look forward to seeing you in the fall! Scroll down to get a look into what the board members will do during the summer and what they look forward to in the fall!

The office will be closed during the summer but you can always contact the staff (we will be on vaction in July) if you have anything on your mind or any questions.

What are your plans for the summer?

Jani: Vacation sailing in the archipelago and hanging out with friends. Take at least one trip to a european city.

Frida: In the summer I plan on doing lots of sailing, sleeping and working. I’ll also be massively celebrating my birthday, and going on tour in southern England with my choir. It’s going to be awesome!

Marco: My plans for the summer are going to Hietsu as often as the weather allows it and to all parks in Helsinki alone or with friends. End of June I will travel back home to Germany for 2,5 weeks to see my friends and family and eat as much as possible. Besides that I’ll see if I have to do some work to keep me from getting bored 😛

Kim: Officially my first summer ever in Helsinki so I’m gonna go photowalking a lot, also be involved in organizing such public events as Helsinki Pride 2014.

Mikko: My plans are to work less than last year and this time spend more time with my friends and go to different events. Last year’s summer was way too much work and not seeing friends so I´m going to be more social this summer. I will though, still work as money is still required to bring food on the table.  There are already some summer events I´m looking forward to.

Touko: My plans for summer will include me working on my thesis. I’m currently in a phase where I have two interviews to transcribe during the summer period. I’m also going to enjoy a month of holiday before starting my summer job. Other than duties I wish for a summer full of sunshine, swimming, biking, friends, good food and time to relax!

Philip: Working as a waiter and bartender, training, hanging out with friends and trying to get a tan.

What do you look forward to in the fall?

Jani: To welcome all the new students to Arcada and have some new exciting events and happenings planned for all of them.

Frida:  In the fall, I’m really excited for the new students arriving and all the exciting challenges and events that come with a new school year! We’ll also be doing exciting things with the board, so it looks like it’s going to be a super exciting time!

Marco: I look forward to the fall, to meeting all the new students of the international degree programs at Arcada and show them everything I had to learn myself last year.

Kim: I’m just done with setting myself academic goals for next year, now brainstorming viable events at the Cor-house in fall. Simply looking forward to how they will work out.

Mikko: The fall, especially end of summer and beginning of fall will be my real fire trial where I will see how well I can coordinate tutors with the upcoming events and how to get the international tutors to take care of the incoming exchange students; there will be a lot of them. I´m really looking forward to meeting the new exchange students and also degree students. I already know we will have an awesome time together.

Touko: Even though summer is just a few steps away, I’m also looking forward to an active fall regarding students’ interests within ASK’s board. I’m currently participating in a City political (KAPO) working group where student unions ASK, HELGA, LAUREAMKO and METKA cooperate to work with themes related to students’ interests, such as housing and student benefits. The KAPO group also creates connections to municipal decision-makers to ensure that students’ voices will be heard on political levels.

Philip:  Looking forward to meeting new people and to start working with and promoting Sportsetter and METKA sports.