Student Life

The new board of ASK present themselves – The Vice Chairperson

March 10, 2014


ASKs styrelse 2014 presenterar sig. Andra ut är vice ordförande.
ASK’s Board of 2014 presents itself, second up is the Vice Chairperson.

1 Name?
Frida Johansson

2. Age?

3. Study program?
Film & Television, specializing in Production / Mediekultur, med inriktning på Producentskap

4. Post on the Board?
Vice chairperson of the board, and tutor coordinator together with Mikko / Viceordförande samt tutoransvarig tillsammans med Mikko

5. What are your goals for your post? / Vad är dina mål för din post?
My goals for my posts on the board are to help other people, learn new things, make connections, to have fun, and to be as good and helpful at my job as I can be.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to become when you are big?
When I was a kid, I really wanted to be an astronaut! Then I figured out I’m terrified of even the thought of actually being in space, so nothing came of that.

7. Why are you studying in Arcada?
One of the reasons I study here is that Arcada is the only place in Finland where I can study what I want to study, in my language of choice – there are very few places for studying Film & TV in Finland, and Arcada’s the only one to offer this education in Swedish. I knew I didn’t want to move away from Helsinki, so the location also helped, and I’d heard a lot of good things about the education Arcada offers, about the quality of the teaching and the equipment and facilities the students get to use, so it felt like the right place for me!

8. What is your favourite coffee drink?
For me, it’s a tie between two coffee drinks – latte macchiato, which I started drinking after my brother, a barista, thought I might like it (he was right), and caramel coffee frappuchino, which is just the right amount of weird sugary caffeine-induced insanity to suit me perfectly!

9. What´s your favourite place in Helsinki?
I have so many favourite places in Helsinki, because I’ve always lived here or in Vantaa and it’s a really easy city to find nice locations in. I will narrow it down, though – my favourite places are the library near to where I live, one specific spot in Suomenlinna, and then my home.

10. What is your favourite amusement park?
I am slightly terrified of amusement parks, but I’m going to have to say Linnanmäki in Helsinki because it’s a) a place where I’ve learned to overcome a fair amount of my fears, b) I love cotton candy, and c) it’s the only amusement park I’ve been to, precisely due to being slightly terrified of amusement parks.