Student Life

The new board of ASK present themselves – Member of the Board, Tutoring

March 31, 2014

ASKs styrelse 2014 presenterar sig. Som femte har vi styrelsemedlemmen Mikko som tar hand om tutoreringen tillsammans med Frida.
ASK’s Board of 2014 presents itself, fifth out is Mikko, member of the Board, responsible for tutoring together with Frida.

1 Name?
Mikko Hietanen

2. Age?

3. Study program?

4. Post on the Board?
Tutoransvarig / tutor coordinator together with Frida

5. What are your goals for your post? / Vad är dina mål för din post?
I want to guide new tutors and help them organizing fun events for everyone. I´m also personally interested in how I can manage working by myself, in a group, and now in this position  holding ties of a big group.
Så ganska samma på svenska. Jag vill hjälpa ordna roliga evenemanger åt alla och är också personligen intresserad av att ha ansvar av en lite större grupp än jag är van vid. Kommer att bli intressant och skojigt att se hur det går.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to become when you are big?
First it was the basic dream job that kids or especially boys in my friend group dreamt of, being a firefighter but that thought died out quite quickly. What I wanted to be has constantly changed and has been affected by different times and also movies and tv-programs. It´s hard to say any exact thing what I wanted to become but some thoughts were around pilot, archaeologist, or some kind of explorer.

7. Why are you studying in Arcada?
Short and boring answer, I applied here among other places and got in. Can´t say what I study now was a long dream come through but I wanted to study something practical.

8. What is your favourite coffee drink?
A cup of juhla mokka with one teaspoon of sugar.

9. What´s your favourite place in Helsinki?
Don´t really have any particular since I´m from porvoo and have only lived one year in helsinki. I would say majstranden because I spend a lot of my free time with my friends in their apartments.

10. What is your favourite amusement park?
I have been to quite many amusement parks here in Finland as a kid so a bit tricky question. I always wanted to go to Linnanmäki once every summer so probably that one.