Student Life

The new board of ASK present themselves – Member of the Board, Student Interest

April 7, 2014


ASKs styrelse 2014 presenterar sig. Som sjätte har vi styrelsemedlemmen Touko som ansvarar för intressebevakning.
ASK’s Board of 2014 presents itself, sixth out is Touko, member of the Board, responsible for students’ interests.

1 Name?
Touko Niinimäki

2. Age?

3. Study program?
Bachelor of Social Services

4. Post on the Board?
Educational and social politics

5. What are your goals for your post? / Vad är dina mål för din post?
I’m interested in how society works; how we can build structures to support citizens in their daily lives, which basically revolves around studies, work, getting by economically and many other issues. I’d like to take part in ongoing discussions about how the Finnish society and our educational, work related and other political organs can provide students with equal opportunities to study and work.

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to become when you are big?
I guess I didn’t really have any dreams of being in specific a profession. From what I remember I just took it easy and went with the flow, one day at a time. I think this is a very interesting question though, as it presents cultural and socially constructed realities of different people in different countries worldwide.

7. Why are you studying in Arcada?
I was originally interested in studying both tourism (restonom) and social services (socionom) at Arcada. I’ve been intrigued by languages since childhood and though that I could use my language skills if I’d study tourism. I then found out that the tourism option would’ve probably been too commercially oriented for me, and stuck to applying for the bachelor of social services program.

Since the year of 2011, when my studies began, I’ve grown gradually more and more interested in politics, social equality, democracy, sustainability, citizenship and human rights. During my studies at Arcada I’ve found out that this study program was the right choice for me.

8. What is your favourite coffee drink?
Latte! I can drink (and enjoy?) any kind of coffee, but latte has ironically become “my cup of tea”.

9. What´s your favourite place in Helsinki?
I have many favorite spots in Helsinki, I’ve lived here all my life so far. I could name several important places, but for the most recent years I’ve spent quite a lot of time in places called libraries! Not only are they great places for studying (facebooking..), but I’m really proud that Finland supports the ideal of providing its citizens with free public libraries with thousands of books, newspapers, music records, games, movies and such to enjoy. When a welfare state is being defined, I’d say that free public libraries are an important cornerstone of such a state.

10. What is your favourite amusement park?
I haven’t been to that many amusement parks. Linnanmäki, Puuhamaa (does it count?!), Gröna lund in Sweden and Disneyland in France. Maybe some other ones too, which I can’t seem to remember. I suppose I should answer Linnanmäki since I almost live next to it, but the most memorable visit to an amusement park took place when I was around 19 years old. I’ll just say that the concept of “amusement” takes a leap towards higher grounds when you’re tipsy at Disneyland..