Student Life

The new board of ASK present themselves – Member of the Board, Events & Communication

March 24, 2014

ASKs styrelse 2014 presenterar sig. Som fjärde har vi styrelsemedlemmen Kim som ansvarar för evenemang och kommunikation.
ASK’s Board of 2014 presents itself, fourth out is Kim, member of the Board, responsible for events and communication.

1 Name?
Kim Ngan Duong

2. Age?

3. Study program?
International Business BBA12. Love Marketing but study E-commerce

4. Post on the Board?
Events officer

5. What are your goals for your post? / Vad är dina mål för din post?
To be more helpful, to bring students, particularly international students, closer to ASK and to each other thru varied events and activities, to have fun, and to plan events, yay!

6. When you were a kid, what did you want to become when you are big?
I dreamed I’d become a beautiful-influential-theoretical-physicist. Sometimes I was pleased to change to a beautiful pilot or a beautiful astronomer. All began with my consuming passion for Physics and numbers since grade 6. I invented a number of toys with simple motors like boats from styrofoam and cinematographs from old cartons. Of course back then home items were also excitingly “repaired” by me.

7. Why are you studying in Arcada?
At the time, after 2.5 years I had majored in Finance and Banking then come to a decision to quit, I turn more rational than ever in selecting university. Among my criteria, it must be a school where study programmes are fresh, flexible to be updated or restructured, and its students are provided with strong computer skills (For this point, I believe Arcada beat most other UAS around Finland). I chose Arcada. Now looking back after 2 years, I haven’t regretted a minute. I’m glad that I can also learn 2 more languages in here. My study, work in ASK, friendship and great educational opportunities all make up a terrific experience.

8. What is your favourite coffee drink?
Ca phe sua da made by my mom

9. What´s your favourite place in Helsinki?
Rocky shores

10. What is your favourite amusement park?
I don’t know I feel a bit scared and lonely in amusement parks. Obviously no favourite.