Student Life

Last blog post from the Board of 2014

December 29, 2014

The year 2014 has come to an end and it’s time for the Board of 2014 to step down. It has been an awesome year and we wish everyone a successful and amazing new year!

What was the best thing with being on the Board?

Jani: To get to know awesome new people you would never get to know otherwise. To learn new things about politics and student affairs.

Frida: Being on the board this year was a really great, humbling, ever-changing, valuable experience – working that closely together with such a small, varied group of people and dealing with so many different things has been really educational as well as a lot of fun! My favourite event we organised together was probably the Annual Ball in November; it was a beautiful, wonderful event to have done together with this great team!

Marco: All the events we hosted were great! (Especially sitzes and poker nights) The SAMOK events were quite nice to network and hear what the others do all over the country.

Kim: One valuable thing is that I understand running a successful nonprofit event is easier said than done. It does not only depend on the will of the leader or the volunteers’ commitment, but also the harmony in the group. However the most exciting part of joining ASK is that I’ve met a lot of enthusiastic friends who share my interests, particularly in community awareness activities, and who have taught me tons of things about Finland.

Mikko: I got to participate in a board for the first time ever. I got to meet new people and plan things together with them. This might sound a bit weird but I got to go places and events I otherwise would never even have heard about. I got to challenge myself and my ability of multitasking.

Touko: While it’s interesting and important to be able to follow discussions and to involve oneself regarding current topics within student interests, the absolutely best thing with board and organizational activities are all the new people you meet. I’m grateful that I got the chance to work with all the active people in the field of universities of applied sciences, both within and outside of Arcada!

Philip: Meeting people and getting to know how things work, not only in Arcada but in other universities as well.

Last words from ASK’s Board of 2014

Jani: I want to wish you all a great year. For the new Board of 2015; arrange great events and market them good and make sure you have a really good relationship to the other unions in Helsinki-region because you can do many things together during the year.

Frida:  I’m very thankful for this year and the experiences and life lessons it has brought with it, and I hope that the next board will have a good time together as well as achieve everything they set out to do!

Marco: Looking back at the year I have to say that being an ASK board member wasn’t what I really expected, but in a good way! I’ve learned many new things and met a lot of new people, which made the work much more joyful. Being surrounded by students of all programs and nationalities was very interesting and challenging as well! I hope that the new board will continue to do great work for and with students to keep up the spirit at Arcada 🙂

Kim: I feel really fortunate that I was a part of the Board 2014. I would like to thank you all – my colleagues, event volunteers, ASK’s staff and others who cooperated with and supported me during my term. It has always been a pleasure for me to see ASK improving. I wish ASK dynamics, and the Board 2015 more accomplishments and memorable fun.

Mikko: My time in the board is over and I’m glad I was part of it. Next year would be so much more easier because everything wouldn´t be so new to me, but I have other challenges calling me already. For the new board, always keep your head up and work as a team. Then the year will be easy and fluent for you. Let´s again for another year make students enjoy their time in Arcada.

Touko: This was my first year in the board of ASK. I feel that this year was like practice and it’s a shame that one has to graduate at some point! Would be very nice to continue to work in the board next year, but my time has come to step into the life of an employee. I’m happy that we achieved certain goals with Arcada’s Green Offce work group which will set a path for Arcada to strive to further develop into a sustainable university of applied sciences. I hope that Arcada will take continuous leaps towards  an institution that involves its students to create the kind of a University of Applied Sciences that looks like its students, an equal and awesome UAS where everybody could find their own personal way to influence!

Philip: Thank you for my time in the board and I hope the next board will have a great time too! Good luck!