Student Life

Board 2017: Rosa

April 13, 2017


Hi! My name is Rosa, I’m 25 years old and come from a mixed background, being half Finnish and half Sri Lankan. I speak Finnish and English but my Swedish… det är inte så bra. I’m a first year student studying International Business here at Arcada. In the board I’m in charge of events with my fellow board member Janina. We plan events and gatherings where anyone can join and have a great time.

If you would be someone from Moomin, who would you be?
I would probably be Little My or Snork Maiden 😀

What’s the most fascinating place you have traveled to?
One of the most fascinating places I have traveled to was Sigiriya, the ancient rock fortress in Sri Lanka. I had the chance to climb to the top of the rock which is almost 200 meters high.

Favourite Finnish artist?
I don’t listen to a lot of finnish artists but I used to listen to The Crash. A while a go I heard a couple of songs from the new finnish artist called Alma and I was really impressed, she has such a good voice!

If asked to cook a dish to impress, what do you prepare?
I would prepare a traditional Sri Lankan dish with some rice, chicken curry with coconut milk and a mixture of spices, some side dishes, sambol and roti.

The best book you have read?
Don’t think I have a “best book” I’ve read, but there are many books which I’ve liked. I like to read books from different genres and the book I read quite recently was Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS which I loved. If you are into business and fashion this is a book for you 😉

Why did you want to join the ASK board?
I wanted to join the ASK board so I could meet new people and challenge myself to do new things and gain new experiences.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Well I’ll be 30 in five years so I hope I have graduated by then, maybe studying my master’s degree and working in a good company or work in my own startup. Let’s see what the future brings 🙂

Describe yourself as a child in 5 words.
As a child I was very outgoing, loud, quick tempered, energetic and overall quite a happy kid.

Whats your favorite candy?
I prefer chocolate and licorice over sugary or sour candies and couple of my favorites are Pätkis and Sukulaku. 😀