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THAW TALK is here again !

December 4, 2014


Arcada Entrepreneurship Society is excited to invite you to THAW TALK, a panel discussion produced by AES in collaboration with the Film&TV students of Arcada and hosted by Peter Vesterbacka.

Last year’s THAW TALK was a huge success and this year’s will be bigger, better and louder.

THAW TALK will explore the ecosystem of entrepreneurship societies around all of Finland. Some questions to keep in mind:

What is it that we do and what’s our role in society?
What is our impact and what have we changed?
Should we diversify the app heavy startup scene?
Can ES’ bring in more women into entrepreneurship? And what’s our potential future?

Our panelists are:

Mathias Dahlqvist – Arcada Entrepreneurship Society
Kasper Suomalainen – Aalto Entrepreneurship Society
Leo Kadieff – Boost Turku
Elina Uutela – Helsinki Think Company

Showtime: 18:00

THAW TALK will be streamed on www.arcadaes.fi . Everyone is warmly welcomed to Arcada – University of Applied Sciences to view the show in our auditorium, we’ll have some snacks and drinks on offer.