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Intro day!

August 26, 2014


Hello there!

Today we made some noise at the big square at Arcada! Maybe you saw us there? Make sure to follow us even here on! There are a lot of cool blogs here, if you are interested in blogging maybe there is a spot on AES blogging team or even a totally own one.

We wanted to recap those of you who were not at Arcada and also wish lots of luck to ALL new students, you guys are awesome!

There seems to be good energy with all of you new guys, we truly wish to meet you many times again! We are going to come out with the next event dates next week so keep your eyes open for whats coming up, and if you are interested in pitching in, please contact us!

We had a blast today! And we are not planning on ending this madness, because this is only the start!

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Take care and see you again!



Mathias & AES Team